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VStore.fi CS:GO Pro Tournament Qualifier 2016

Game: Counter Strike: Global Offensive Starts: Sat, Apr 23rd 2016, 18:00 EEST Ends: Sun, Apr 24th 2016, 01:00 EEST

Online qualifier for the VStore Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pro tournament, held at Vectorama 2016. The winners advance to the main tournament played on June 10th - 11th at Vectorama 2016 in Oulu.


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To sign up for the tournament, log in or create an account, find this page and use the "Sign up" -button at the right sidebar. You also need to check in to the tournament on this page 1 hour before it starts. Sign-ups are unlimited, but only the first 64 teams to check-in can participate! Check-ins will start at 23th of April 17:00 EEST.

Join this IRC channel (#vectorama.csgo @ Quakenet) to communicate with admins and players!

General info:

When? 23rd of April
What time?
 From 18:00 EEST (16:00 UTC), Check-in opens at 17:00 EEST (15:00 UTC).
Olodyn, hofnarr
Where? IRC channel (#vectorama.csgo @ Quakenet)


Single Elimination, Best of 1
Best two teams gets the invitation to Vectorama 2016 Vstore CS:GO Pro Tournament held at Oulu, Finland.


  • Upper team of the matchup is always Home team.
  • Teams' captains must join to the official IRC Channel to find their opponent. Teams' captains have to be available at the IRC channel during the tournament.
  • Matches will be played on teams' own servers, be ready to provide server if needed.
  • Home team is responsible to provide the server for the match. Matches can be played on Away team's server, if Home team accepts this.
  • Latest ESL config must be used on the server! You can find the latest config here. Tournament admins reserve the rights to change the rules.
  • Teams must be ready in 15 minutes after the map veto. If the other team isn't ready to play, team loses by no-show (16-0).
  • Every player must record in-eye demos from every match, including knife round. GOTV demo is desirable, but not required.
  • Both teams' captains must take a screenshot at beginning of the match (before the pistol round). Output of the "status"-command on the screenshot is required.
  • Both teams' captains must take a screenshot from the scoreboard showing the final result of the match. Captain of the winning team has to upload the screenshot to the match page when reporting the scores.
  • Should the team want to contest the result of the game, admins should be notified in 5 minutes after the match. After 5 minutes the result will be final.
  • If a match is contested, neither team should start their next match before the situation is resolved.

Only the winning team reports the score to the match page. Please use the upload function for the screenshot when reporting the scores at the matchpage.

Map pool:

  1. de_cache
  2. de_cobblestone
  3. de_dust2
  4. de_inferno
  5. de_mirage
  6. de_train
  7. de_overpass


Map veto process (A: Home, B: Away)

  • A removes one of seven maps
  • B removes one of six maps
  • A removes one of five maps
  • B removes one of four maps
  • A removes one of three maps
  • B removes one of two maps
  • The remaining map will be played and starting sides will be determined with a knife round


23rd of April, RO64 starts at 18:00 EEST (16:00 UTC). Next rounds will be played as soon as the previous match ends.


Head Admin
Markus "Olodyn" Koskivirta
IRC channel (#vectorama.csgo @ Quakenet)

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